Three Blue Ducks

Bronte Beach, Sydney

Three Blue Ducks is a busy café, just a short stroll from Bronte Beach, (Sydney). The cafe has a relaxed and grassroots approach to cooking, with a huge focus on sustainability, conscious creating and mindful dining.

The backyard kitchen garden is always evolving, especially with our permaculture design knowledge; we constantly become more in-tune with the space, learn more energy efficient solutions to design, adapt to the needs of the kitchen and most importantly love to display what’s possible in a small urban backyard to the community.

We installed some beehives into the garden which is incredibly beneficial for increasing biodiversity in an urban area, the pollination of our fruit and vegetables and not to mention the succulent honeycomb that is harvested. Lemon verbena and honeycomb icecream anyone? To help with waste management and provide fertiliser, we provide a comfortable home for 5 chooks (ISA browns) and the ladies reward the kitchen with fresh eggs for the staffies breakfast. Composting, worm tunnels and worm farms, a pond that grows edible water plants, a small banana plantation along with a range of fruit trees and other micro greens and herbs are grown in different systems.

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