At Urban Growers, we’re inspired by the endless potential of greener spaces.

We are a team of horticulturalists, designers, gardeners, landscapers and thinkers building a greener future through edible gardens and urban farms.
Our Services
we grow.

We create greenspaces that contribute to better business, communities, cities and the lives and longevity of our planet and its people.

we educate.

We don’t just incorporate education into our business, it is our business. Our offerings and approach bring lifelong skills and joy to those who need it most.

we inspire.

We combine big picture thinking, intentional design, practical education with a meaningful approach. Our goal is to enrich people’s lives with more meaning through the joy of gardening.

“The QANTAS community garden that Urban Growers created for us has been embraced by our staff and is helping drive greater awareness and engagement in relation to environmental sustainability. We now have an amazing space for our staff to get their hands dirty, grow their own produce, take time out or simply relax. We couldn’t be happier with our garden!”
Flyn Van Ewijk, QANTAS
“Urban Growers turned a large neglected yard overgrown by decades of weeds and bamboo to a beautiful sanctuary feeding the soul and stomach. Every step of the process has been a pleasure in dealing with Byron and his team. Professional, caring; driven with integrity, passion and pride in what they do. I look forward to continuing my family home’s evolution with the team.”
Marianne Boecher, Lane Cove

Our mission is to educate and empower people to enjoy growing, eating and sharing real food.

Because we believe that this experience binds us to the best bits of life.

Book a consultation.

Our Kickstart Consult is perfect for the home gardener who wants to DIY their project with some guidance from the experts. In a 60-90 minute session, we practical advice, specific knowledge, creative ideas and tailored suggestions to enable you to start building your green space right away.

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