Professional Horticultural Services and Edible Garden Specialists

Northern Rivers, NSW

We are a team of horticulturalists, designers, gardeners and landscapers elevating rural and residential properties across the Northern Rivers region.
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Byron Smith

The Urban Growers team is led by horticulturalist and author, Byron Smith. Deeply passionate about gardening, he has over 10 years experience working on residential and commercial projects encompassing consultation, design, installation, maintenance and education. He is known for his ability to incorporate aesthetically driven edible gardens within any garden style.

What we do

We create, refresh or maintain coastal and hinterland residential properties within Northern Rivers on Bundjalung Country.

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Our services

• Garden Consultation – Edible garden consultations to enable you to start a productive garden of any size
Garden Refresh + Horticultural TLC – Specialist garden tasks to bring a good old garden back to life
Specialist Garden Maintenance of coastal homes and hinterland acreages

We work with you in any order depending on your needs

• Edible Garden consultation so you can dig in and grow food
• Garden vision and planning
• Plant sourcing and installation
• Edible garden and fruit tree establishment
• Regular or one-off garden maintenance
• Specialist pruning, shaping, training, or transplanting
• Soil conditioning, fertilising, pest and disease management, propagation, irrigation, and mulching

Our goal is to provide our clients with green spaces that enhance their lifestyles and enrich their connection to the outdoors.