Kitchen By Mike

Rosebery, Sydney

Kitchen By Mike is an honest canteen style cafe in an old cannery in the suburb of Rosebery, Sydney Australia. Mike McEnearney (heading up the kitchen), is passionate about seasonality, simplicity and freshness. We had the pleasure of planting the Kitchen by Mike garden in late winter 2013, since then we have been maintaining the garden and harvesting herbs, fruits and veggies for the kitchen to serve up.

In 2014 however, we have focused on evolving the garden into a more unique, educational and medicinal green space. The Physic Garden is now home to over 100 plant species, 50 of which have been strategically grown for their medicinal properties. With help from Anthia Koullouros (Naturopath & Herbalist), we’ve grown and allocated these medicinal plants into specific beds; gastroenterology, neurology, dermatology, ear-nose-throat, musculoskeletal and cardiology.

Not only is it a great reminder of the importance of plants in health, The Kitchen by Mike project is an on-going source of exploration, knowledge and fulfilment for us.

Mike McEnearney, Kitchen by Mike

My obsession with the health benefits of food drew me to the idea of creating a medicinal herb garden at Kitchen by Mike. Byron has done an incredible job transforming this vision into reality by building and maintaining the Kitchen by Mike Physic Garden. His passion and expertise is evident in all facets of his work. He is a breath of fresh air and I am so very lucky to be able to collaborate with him.

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