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The Ultimate Guide To Indoor Plants

Big thanks to Tess Robinson at Smack Bang Designs for this guest post that Byron and her collaborated on together – Byron sharing the plant knowledge and Tess sharing her wordsmith wisdom. – Since sharing a few photos of the Smack Bang studio in cyberspace, I have been asked a couple (okay, maybe more like hundreds) of […]

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Worm Towers

(As seen on The Slow Poke Journal) A whole lot of sunshine, watering, weeding and nurturing will go a long way in establishing a healthy veggie patch. But then there’s extra goodness you can give your growing garden, and one of those boosters is a worm tower or two.   These simple devices use the […]

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Backyard PH Testing

(As seen on The Slow Poke Journal) You might be setting up a new veggie patch in your backyard, or maybe you have one that has you a little stumped as to why it’s not flourishing as well as it could. Perhaps it’s just been a while since you did this simple task. Wherever your […]

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Flyn van Ewijk, Qantas

“At Qantas we are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage our people in relation to environment and sustainability issues. The community garden that Urban Growers and Timber Grain Project created for us at our Mascot headquarters has been embraced by our staff and is helping drive greater awareness and engagement in relation to environmental sustainability. We now have an amazing space for our staff to get their hands dirty, grow their own produce, take time out or simply relax.  We couldn’t be happier with our garden!”

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